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Promenade Elementary School, in Alvord Unified School District, averages about 600 Transitional-Kindergarten through grade five students.  We serve a diverse ethnic and socioeconomic community.  54.08% of our students are Hispanic, 20.56% White, 10.35% African American, and 10.65% Asian.  Approximately 16.56% of our students are English Learners and 60.12% are socioeconomically disadvantaged. Collectively, our community speaks 14 different languages.

Promenade Elementary is known for curricular rigor, active community partnerships, diversity, and an inclusive program.  Our priorities include establishing a culture and climate that provides a physically and emotionally safe learning environment, promotes strong family involvement, fosters collaboration among all individuals, provides a rigorous academic curriculum, and embraces a commitment to the academic success of each student.

Promenade's inclusive program can be best described through our engagement framework: 1) Student Engagement, 2) Professional Engagement, and 3) Community Engagement.  Our students are engaged through a rigorous academic curriculum and leadership opportunities.  Our professional development is tailored to meet the needs of our students and professionals; our professional development engages our teachers by treating them as expert professionals whose voice contributes to the opportunities provided.  Finally, Promenade’s community engagement policy invites all parents to be involved in their children's education; we boast a very active Parent Teacher Organization, daily parent volunteers in our classrooms, and an active father group.

Promenade Elementary provides students with the tools to become academically and socially competent, self-motivated, lifelong learners in a technologically advanced and diverse global society.  Promenade Elementary builds knowledge, community, and character.